How Lowe’s deck designer got his name

Lowes Deck Designer says he had a lot of fun making the iconic logo for the luxury retailer.

Key points:Lowes Deck designer says he was a fan of the iconic designThe company says the logo design has gone viralLowes had been working with designer Richard Lee to make the iconic “M” logoFor more stories like this, like ABC News Online’s Facebook page or follow @ABCNewsOnline on Twitter.

He said he had always loved the iconic nameplate logo and decided to work on a logo that was more contemporary.

The design was a little rough around the edges and was not a great match for the company’s more contemporary look, he said.

“I was just trying to do something different, something that was less dated and a little bit more playful,” he said on Wednesday.

The nameplate was a design for the US company and the logo was a result of many discussions with Lee and the company management, he explained.

“I wanted to make it a little more contemporary and not so dated,” Mr Lee said.

“But it’s also not a design you can just go and go and do.”

The nameplates have become synonymous with the retailer and Mr Lee, who also created the nameplate for US retailer Target, was commissioned to make one.

He created a logo for Lowe’s, but it didn’t take.

“You have to have a lot more creativity, a lot less time, to make a logo than just just do a logo and do it in a couple of days,” Mr Loe said.

Lowes says it is in the process of revamping the logo to reflect a more modern look.

“The new logo will reflect the brand, its purpose and the people who work here,” the company said.