Men’s designer wallets will go on sale this year

A new line of men’s designer wallet bags will hit store shelves in November and feature a design that combines traditional handbags with the new men’s design app Men’s Design.

The Men’s Designer Wallet is designed to look like a traditional handbag with a touch of leather and metal accents on the side panels, with the leather straps and metal tabs that make up the sides.

The Men’s Creative Wallet will feature a sleek, black finish with a dark grey interior.

Both bags are available in a variety of sizes.

The men’s Creative will be $200 and the women’s will be available in sizes ranging from Small to Large.

The price includes shipping and handling.

Both Men’s Designs are available now at select Macy’s locations, including Men’s Warehouse in Manhattan, Macy’s Express in Chicago, Macy SuperValu in Los Angeles, and Macy’s in New York City.