Designers handbags for all ages

Designers’ handbags are increasingly becoming popular as people take to online shopping and other digital platforms to make purchases.

But some designers say that handbags do not provide the same functionality as other brands.

A number of designers, including Anna and Joanna Kühn, recently opened their own online shop to cater to the changing market.

Anna, a fashion designer, said the products she offers are designed to be used by designers who want to create a timeless style.

She told Al Jazeera: “I want people to see that I don’t just make a simple piece of clothing, but that I have an experience in creating a timeless, unique style that can be worn for years and years.”

Joanna, a designer, told Al Jazeeras: “Handbags are really designed to give you the feel of having your hands on something, and they can really help to connect with someone.”

She added: “There is something special about having your hand on something.”

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