When the world goes back to normal and we all become human again, the new Easter egg is going to be the “Walking Dead” logo design

The design of the new “WALKING DEAD” logo for its upcoming season will likely involve a walker with a big smile and a huge smiley face, a familiar sight from the popular AMC series.

But it will also feature a red circle that is going, as the name suggests, to be gone.

The new logo is being created by renowned visual artist Kevin Yee, who previously designed the “Mad Max” logo.

It is the second time in recent weeks that the new logo has been unveiled.

The first time was in April, when it was unveiled to fans of the zombie series on Twitter.

The design will also be unveiled during a live Q&A session on Tuesday (March 10), as the show begins its ninth season.

It will be presented during a special live webcast on April 13, where the network and the show will share their “WANTS” from the show’s fifth season, which debuted in March.

Fans of the show can expect to see the new design in the “Dogs of Atlanta” trailer that will be shown on Tuesday.

The new logo will be unveiled at an event on Tuesday at the Atlanta Convention Center.