Trump says ‘there are no more jobs in the US’

The White House on Tuesday called on Republicans in Congress to reject a bill that would have ended the government shutdown and provide an immediate funding boost to the U.S. Postal Service and federal agencies.

The White’s Office, which is pushing for passage, said in a statement that it was “disappointed” by the GOP’s “weak proposal” and would fight it in the House.

The bill, which was backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan, was part of a series of bills that Trump has used to stave off an early election.

“While the White House will continue to defend the importance of this critical work, we must recognize the role that the private sector plays in our economy and the government should not have a hand in the day-to-day operations of the private economy,” the White’s office said in the statement.

The House approved the measure on a 217-213 vote last week.

It was sent to Trump’s desk in an expedited order, which has now been suspended for a week and then approved again by a vote of 217-206.

The House also passed a short-term extension of the deadline for passing the legislation, but that will expire at midnight on Wednesday.

The House will vote again on the extension Thursday and Trump will have to decide whether to sign it.

House Republicans have vowed to block the bill, arguing that it will hurt their chances in the midterm elections.

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