Designer dogs collars are coming to your house

A new breed of designer dogs collar is coming to the US.

The Dog Designers Association (DDA) is sponsoring a series of free online classes to help get dogs and cats into the design business.

The class will focus on the design of a custom collar for your dog. 

The class is designed to be easy to learn, with all the bells and whistles, and will help people who are new to dog design learn how to build custom collars.

“A lot of the design elements are pretty intuitive,” said Michelle Stroud, who teaches the class for Dog Designer Dogs in San Diego.

“But it also has a little bit of a learning curve to get to know the process and get some of the terminology and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The class takes place on Oct. 14, and includes the following:The class includes an in-person class, which includes a hands-on design workshop and video tutorials, and a virtual design studio for participants to practice on.

The studio will be available for viewing for those who wish to record and upload their designs. 

“The studio itself is quite cool,” said Stroud.

“The dogs in the studio are all different breeds, and the dogs in real life are all very different, so they are all interacting.

It’s kind of like the real thing, where you can interact with a dog in person and they are kind of just watching you work.

It makes it a little more immersive.”

The classes will be offered for free on the DDA’s website, but can be purchased with a subscription.

There are a few classes available through Amazon, but Stroud says that they will have more classes coming to DDA in the future.

“If you buy a dog collar, I would recommend that you go to Dog Design to start with,” she said.

“I think you’ll see a lot of people really pick up on the basic concepts and get into the process of how to create a collar.

And it’s a fun way to learn.”DDA, a nonprofit that offers training and support to dog breeders, is based in Santa Barbara, California. 

It is currently sponsored by the Dog Design Association of America, the American Kennel Club, and American Pupil Association.

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