Henna designs ‘ceiling’ designs for next NBA season

The new season has begun, and the NBA is looking to shake up the way it designs its new uniforms.

The league is working on some new design elements, and there are some new uniforms that the league might use.

While the uniforms are still in the planning stages, the league is leaning on its top designers to help it with the designs, according to league sources.

The idea is that they can provide insight into what they would like to see the uniforms look like, and they can help the league decide how much space to go with.

Here’s how the new uniforms might look:With the league trying to find the right balance between aesthetics and performance, the idea is to keep the uniforms as close to the court as possible.

That means a uniform with a uniformized logo and a different design for each position.

For example, if the team wants a uniform that’s very similar to the current NBA uniforms, they would want a uniform featuring two different logos, one with a logo that has the words “NBA” and the other with a different logo that’s “NBA Summer League.”

The league also wants to avoid too much space, and has been looking to make sure that the design doesn’t take up too much of the court.

The new design will likely take into account a lot of feedback from fans and players.

It will also be a work in progress, but the league has already begun looking at what fans have to say about the uniforms.

Here are some of the ideas the league came up with: