Which eyeglass designs pay the most?

This article originally appeared on The Atlantic.

Read moreTech startups are making the most money with design and graphics jobs, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much of that is due to a good design job and how much is due solely to a great graphic design job.

But it’s easy to see how some of the top earners are also making more than the average.

The top earners on Forbes’ list of most valuable tech startups in 2016 were all graphic designers, with some designers making over $1 million per year.

Here’s a look at how the top graphic designers earn and how their companies stack up against their peers:1.

Designers at Pinterest.

Pinterest has a great design team, but their top earners made $1.9 million, according to Forbes.

They earned $5,000 per design, $1,800 per month, and $5.5 million in total compensation.

The top 10 graphic designers in the world earned $16.2 million in 2016.2.

The folks at Viacom, which has had a good graphic design career for a long time.

The group of designers at Viam are among the highest paid in the industry, earning $7.3 million in salary and bonuses last year, and a combined total of $11.9 billion in earnings.3.

And then there’s The Big Four, which is probably the most famous of the four.

The Big Five are Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Each of the Big Four has a graphic design team that has a combined $1 billion in salary, but each of the five top paid designers have a combined salary of over $4 million.4.

At Pinterest, the people who make the most are also the ones who have the most work to do.

The designers who made the most on Pinterest earned $1m in total salary, and the people in that position who had the most hours worked were paid $1 per hour.5.

Design-wise, there’s also a lot of room for growth.

According to Forbes, the Top 5 graphic designers at Pinterest are responsible for $1bn in revenue, but a lot is likely going to depend on what the next big tech innovation is.

And while there is no shortage of top talent, it’s not uncommon for designers to make less than their peers because of the rigors of the industry.

The Bottom Line: It’s tough to get a clear picture of how much a graphic designer’s salary is due from a design job, but the amount of work that they do can add up.

This infographic shows you how the highest earning graphic designers of all time made more than their counterparts in the field.