What to expect at the halloweens nail design contest

In what is shaping up to be one of the biggest nail design competitions in the world, nail designers from all over the world are gathering to create some of the most popular nail designs from around the world.

The first-ever nail design competition held by the International Nail Design Contest (IDC) has taken place in Shanghai, China, this year.

The competition was announced by the Chinese government on December 6 and aims to increase collaboration among the nail design industry, nail design studios, and the general public.

“In order to attract more people to nail design, the Chinese Government has decided to host a first-of-its-kind nail design event, with the goal of expanding the market of nail design,” said a statement by IDC.

The IDC nail design is aimed at bringing the nail industry into a digital era and helping nail designers create more unique and unique designs for the market.

The event is also aimed at improving nail artists’ skills and improving the quality of the nail art.

The event, which was organized by IDCA and the China National Nail Industry Association, is being held in Shanghai on December 8.

In order to participate in the event, a nail artist will need to submit their own designs to a team of professional nail artists and designers from various countries.

The top six designs in the competition will be entered into a draw to select the winning designs.

These designs will then be featured on the official Chinese Facebook page for the event. 

The top five designs will also be presented on the social media platforms of the top 10 design brands, and then a panel of experts will select the final six designs for a final nail design award. 

While the winner will receive $20,000 and a prize of up to $30,000, the top three winners will also receive $10,000. 

If the top six design wins the prize, they will also get a free subscription to China’s largest nail store. 

“Nail design is becoming more and more popular, and nail artists need to be creative and make nail designs that are as unique as possible,” said Dr. Shizuo Wang, a senior scientist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“It is a matter of time before we can see more unique designs from the nail artists of the world.” 

The first ever nail design exhibition is expected to attract around 100 nail design artists from around China. 

Nail designer Yixing Li, founder of the Chinese-based nail shop Yixin, said that it is a unique event.

“It’s a nail design that is more than just a nail.

It is about how to make a nail that will inspire people to do their own work.

We are all a part of this nail design festival, and it is very special,” he said. 

Yixin is one of a number of companies that are involved in the contest, which is part of the China-led ‘Five Great Trends in Nail Art’ initiative launched in December 2015.