How to make spring nails in less time

What is it like to create the perfect spring nail?

In this tutorial, I show you how to design spring nails without any paint and create a stunning design.

For this tutorial you will need a nail file of your choosing, a few supplies, and a nail tool.

Start by downloading the file below.

Download file Copy Code How to Create Spring Nail Designs by Lisa Hockin from the Creative Nails site to your computer and start by downloading and unzipping the file.

This file will contain all of the information you need to create your own spring nail designs.

After you download the file, open it and follow the instructions below.


Open the file you downloaded.


Select the files that are listed in the image below.


Select all of your files in the drop down menu and click the Add button to add them to your project.


If you don’t see your files listed, then they are either not available or they are already added to your file.


Click the Create button to begin creating your spring nail design.


After your design is finished, check the time stamp of your design to make sure that it’s still valid.


To make your design, follow these steps: Select a nail color.

Pick a color and size.

Paint your design on your nail.

Create a pattern.

Use a color marker or tape to create a stamp.

Paint on your stamp.

Create an image.

Choose your stamp color, and paint on your design.

Use your stamp to create another image.

Paint a stamp that is the same color as your stamp and size as your design and paint a second stamp image on top of it. 8.

After each stamp is painted, you will see a new stamp image next to the first stamp image.

Repeat step 8 until you have all of them.


To finish your design for a spring nail, follow the steps below: Place your stamp on the nail and fill it with your design’s stamp color and stamp size.

Remove the stamp and paint your design as usual.

Paint the stamp image onto the nail using the same stamp color you just used to paint the stamp.

Repeat steps 3-8 until you’re done with your spring design.

To print this spring design on a card or to use it as a sticker, you’ll need a printer that supports 3D printing.

I have included instructions to print this design with a Makerbot Replicator 2.

Make your spring nails using my spring nail tutorial: How to create spring nails.

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