Designer wins $2.2M contract to build home for Obama family

Designer Richard B. Johnson won a $2 million contract to design and build a new home for the Obamas for the White House in Chicago, Ill., the Obama family announced Friday.

The home, the second in the “Dreamers” home design series, will be called the White Palace in honor of the President’s late mother, former first lady Michelle Obama, the family said in a news release.

“This contract will provide the White family with a unique opportunity to build a unique home for Michelle and her husband, President Barack Obama,” the Obams said in the news release, referring to the Obamans daughter, Malia, who is also a former first Lady.

“The White Palace will provide Michelle and President Obama with a home that is as authentic as the home they grew up in, and will be truly their own,” they added.

The family said the home will include an indoor garden and a small outdoor patio.

The Obamas are also partnering with a local real estate developer to design the home, and it will include a rooftop garden, a fitness center, an outdoor dining room, a large guest house and a rooftop patio.