How to make your next summer nail design the most adorable look possible

Designer Baby has teamed up with Lux Design to offer a brand new summer nail style that will have everyone wanting more.

The Summer Nail Designs Collection is designed to go hand in hand with the designer’s Spring 2017 collection, which includes a number of signature pieces, including the Summer 2017 Spring Design, Summer 2016 Spring Design and Summer 2016 Summer Design.

The Spring 2017 Spring Style is designed with a sleek, feminine twist that has a matte finish that looks like it’s been dipped in honey.

This is the Summer 2016 Style, which is an almost-satin-like color, and features a softer, more matte finish.

For a deeper look, the Summer 2015 Summer Design features a matte black shade, which looks like a satin-like finish.

The designer’s Summer 2016 Fall Design has a shimmery matte finish, and is designed for a more feminine look.

Lastly, the Spring 2016 Summer Collection features a metallic black shade.

Here’s a closer look at the Summer 2014 Summer Design, which has a glossy finish, while the Summer 2011 Summer Design is an opaque black.

It’s the Summer 2012 Summer Design that we’re most excited about, with a shimmering matte finish and a metallic-looking metallic black that is designed specifically for summer.

Summer 2015 Summer Style is a shimmer, metallic black with a matte-like matte finish for an extra pop.

Lux Design’s Summer 2017 Summer Design has been designed to look as if it’s dipped in a honeycomb.

Each Summer Collection comes with a number to match the season and color palette of the collection.

We’re also excited to introduce a new summer look for the Spring 2017 Summer Collection, which will include a collection of shimmery and metallic shades.

Check out the Summer Nails Design Collection, along with more of Lux’s summer nail designs below.

What to know about the Summer Collection: The Summer Nailed Designs Collection will be available at starting on June 1st.

Style #01 Summer Nailing Designs Collection #01: A matte matte black metallic shade with a metallic finish, inspired by the summer of 2017.

#02 Summer Nipping Nails #02: A black metallic, matte black with black pearl accents.

How to get your own Summer Nipped Designs Collection: Make sure you have your Summer Nipper Collection ready for the Summer! 

Lux Designs Summer Nippers are available for $39.95 and are available to order online.