How henna is made in India: What you need to know

On Sunday, the ministry of health and family welfare (M&F) announced that it had started testing the effectiveness of its new henna treatment, which uses a mixture of petroleum jelly and water to create a coating that looks and feels like henna.

The government said that the new henney was the first in the world to use a petroleum jelly formulation.

This product is made by the Chinese company Xiong Group, and was launched last year, with a price tag of $1.8 billion.

This year, the company has also launched a new version of the product called P.O.T. (Precision Organ Toner), which has the same ingredients, but costs a bit more.

The new products are priced between $8 and $16 for a pack of 100, and are designed to give people an extra layer of protection.

“Our goal is to improve the life of Indians who live in the remote and impoverished areas of India,” the M&F said in a statement.

“The development of henna products is a major step towards that goal.

It is an affordable, high-tech and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cosmetics that can be used for many other products and services, such as tooth whitening, skin care, nail polish remover and so on.”