When a coach and player go to the bathroom

When a player goes to the restroom, he or she is required to wear a mask and a shirt that covers the face and mouth, and must stay covered for at least 24 hours.

The mask must be worn at all times.

The league instituted the rule change in 2012, and the rule was put into effect in the 2013 season, but the NFL’s head of health and safety, Mike Pereira, said in a March 13 interview that he could not say when the league will make the change mandatory.

Pereira said the league was working on a solution to the problem and that the rule would not be implemented until the season is complete.

The rule change is part of a broader effort by the league to reduce the number of people injured in collisions.

The league has announced that it has made a major financial commitment to pay $1 million per player to be the helmet and face shield supplier for all of its teams.

The helmet rule was announced in November 2016, when the NFL had a $3.3 billion-plus profit.

The rule change has been in effect since September and has led to an increase in concussions.