‘JANE BY DESIGN’ is a stunningly beautiful story about design in America, and how the American dream can be reborn

It’s easy to see why Jane By Design was named the best new design category of 2017.

Jane By Designs, which is part of the design giant JANE BY Design, celebrates the stories and perspectives of women who design their own products, including the lives of women in America. 

“Jane By Design is a beautiful collection of inspiring stories and inspirational images that explore what it means to be a woman and to be creative,” JANE CEO Anne-Marie Ostermann said in a statement.

“We believe Jane By designs, which focuses on women, will inspire and empower a generation of women.” 

“The inspiration of Jane By design comes from our experience working with women who have created their own beautiful and influential products and who are doing it to make the world a better place,” Osterman continued.

“The story is rooted in Jane By’s belief that women can be creative in the ways they create, and they can be just as successful and impactful as men.

They inspire the same confidence and drive to succeed in their creative endeavors, and through their stories, we hope to inspire women to pursue their passions and to succeed as individuals.” 

   JANEBY designs is available to purchase from the JANEBY website. 

The designers also shared a series of photos that show how their products are made.

“Jane By design is an inclusive, inspiring collection of stories and inspiring images that highlight the power and influence that women have as designers and artists,” JANIE said.

“JANE By designs showcases the stories, perspectives and personal experiences of women working and living their lives in a world where gender equality is an essential part of their daily lives.” 

The new collection of designs also features a collection of the most influential women in the fashion industry, including Coco Chanel, Kim Kardashian West, Naomi Campbell, and Dior. 

Here are a few of the designs on display:JANEByDesign is available in three sizes, and includes over 200 items from the designer’s collections, including everything from the most iconic pieces of couture to the most fashionable women’s accessories. 

Read more about the JANIABY collection here.

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