Microsoft’s new tie dye packaging design

Microsoft is taking its tie dye design for its new Surface line of tablets and laptops to the next level with a new packaging design that shows off a new design language.

The Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Pro 3 both sport the same matte black plastic design with a white accent design, but Microsoft has updated the packaging to include a new “T-Shirt” style design.

While Microsoft hasn’t released the new design yet, the new packaging includes a shirt sleeve with a matching shirt.

The new packaging also includes a design for the “Stainless” color for the front cover.

Microsoft has also added a few more buttons to the right side of the device and it seems that Microsoft will be adding support for two different colors for the display.

Microsoft also added an “A” button on the back cover.

The “Staint” color was originally shown on the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2, but the company has added a new, more subtle version to the Surface lineup.

Microsoft previously used the “A,” “B” and “C” buttons on the Surface 3, but this new version is a slightly lighter shade of blue and has a different logo.

Microsoft has also announced that it will be releasing two new Surface Pro tablets this month.

The first is the Surface Laptop and it will come in both white and black colors, with a 4K display.

The second is the Pro Laptop which will be released in silver and black.

Microsoft is also adding support to Surface Laptops with an update to its Settings app, which will show the current display and clock and enable Cortana to access the information.

Microsoft also announced plans for an Xbox One bundle in October and an Xbox 360 bundle in December.

Microsoft is also launching a new Xbox One console on October 14, and an “Xbox 360” bundle on December 14.