‘Tiny, sleek, beautiful’: the perfect beach chair for summer

An affordable, sleek and beautiful beach chair designed by British designer Chris Brough.

The chair, made from a combination of recycled plastics and organic materials, features a cushioned base and a curved back for the wearer’s comfort.

It can be ordered from Brough’s website for £80.

“The chair is made of a combination ‘soul-shaped’ material which is recycled from recycled plastic bottles and is a natural form of eco-toxic plastic,” a Brough spokesperson said.

“It is made from recycled polystyrene and polyester but has a unique shape that makes it very wearable.

It has an amazing natural finish and is not a conventional chair.”

In a statement, Brough said: “This is a simple design that captures the essence of the beach in an all natural way.”

It comes at a time when the number of beach chairs on the market is growing rapidly.

As well as being eco-friendly, Bough’s chair is also lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

Brough said that a small part of the money from his chair’s sales would go towards the British Red Cross and charities fighting climate change.

While some of his other chairs are currently being manufactured, this one has already been ordered, and he plans to start producing the chair at the end of May.

What’s more, the chair is just £80 for a basic version, but it will set you back around £100.

It’s a bit of a bargain for someone with limited funds.

This beach chair is an example of the British design trend, which has seen a lot of surfers take on the beach, including Kate Moss and Rihanna.

For more on the UK’s booming beach-going, watch this video.

NHL trade rumors: NHL players looking for new home

The trade rumors swirling around the NHL continue to build.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Rangers are two teams known to be serious suitors, as is Edmonton and Pittsburgh.

And there are a number of teams that are looking to move away from their current home.

The New York Islanders and Detroit Red Wings have been linked to a trade.

The Chicago Blackhawks are also rumored to be interested in acquiring goalie Corey Crawford and winger Kevin Shattenkirk.

The Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Montreal Canadiens and New York Jets are also in the mix for players who could be moved.

There are several reasons for the speculation.

The NHL is a long-time, lucrative league that relies on the revenue generated by home games to keep the players.

And as the trade deadline approaches, the trade market has become increasingly crowded.

The NHL has the ability to lock up a top free agent, and the teams that have the financial flexibility to make a deal could end up with a player they feel is worth a draft pick.

The league also has a reputation for making its most valuable players work hard to stay.

The players in the league’s current crop of stars have shown it.

For players to be traded, they have to be willing to take a pay cut to do so, and there are players in every position of the lineup who are willing to do just that.

“It’s like they have no choice, but to do it,” said one veteran general manager.

“They want to keep their assets, but they also have no other choice.

The league is going to be there to make the best of it.”

But as we approach the deadline, there are some players who are still on the market, and they are likely not going to leave the organization that gave them a chance to succeed.

Players are still expected to sign with other teams at the deadline if they are still under contract.

If that means the team is looking for a new GM to lead them, then it is likely to be in a position to find a replacement.

Some teams have already been linked in trade rumors.

Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman is the latest to be linked to the Toronto Maple Leaf’s pursuit of defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson, and it has also been reported that Detroit Red Wing Tomas Tatar has had interest in the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Maple Leafs have been looking for players to upgrade their blue line for years.

This summer, the team added veteran defenseman David Clarkson and veteran defenseman Andrew Shaw, but those moves were seen as a response to a lack of production on the blue line.

The team has been active in the trade and free agency markets since the 2014-15 season, and GM Lou Lamoriello is said to be eager to keep his core together.

He will likely look to bring in players who will help him win in 2017-18.

The Leafs also have the ability not only to retain key pieces, but also bring in other players who can help them compete for the Stanley Cup.

The team will likely try to move some players to add to the team’s depth at forward and defence, and those moves will be closely watched.

There have been rumors that the New Jersey Devils could be interested.

The Devils have a young core, but the team hasn’t been able to find consistent scoring from the top of the ranks.

The draft pick that the team received from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for defenseman Matt Cooke in 2014 will likely help the team on the ice.

The Montreal Canadiens have had interest from the Washington Capitals in the past.

The Caps were rumored to have interest in forward Shea Weber, and general manager Brian MacLellan is rumored to want to add a player that can fill that role.

The Pittsburgh Penguins also have been rumored to covet defenseman Matt Duchene.

MacLorgans top priority is finding a scoring forward, but he also wants to bring back a young player who can add some leadership to the Penguins.

The Tampa Bay Lighting are rumored to bring defenseman Ryan Reaves to Tampa Bay, but Reaves could also be on the trade block if he signs elsewhere.

The Lightning also have interest from Toronto, but there are many teams that could be willing as well.

The Washington Capitals have a strong roster, and that has helped them win a Stanley Cup in each of the past three seasons.

However, they may be willing trade up to acquire a veteran who can improve their bottom line.

That is the same reason why they are rumored as being interested in free agent defenseman Andre Burakovsky.

The New Jersey Islanders are known to have a big, young, young core.

General manager Garth Snow has made it known that he wants to make moves to add depth and depth to the roster, but his most important priority is getting to the Stanley Cauldron.

The Toronto Maple and Boston Bruins are also potential candidates to move, with Boston looking to add players who fit into their mold.

However it is also